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Membership for easy and affordable sailing

Do you enjoy sailing but can't decide if you should purchase your own boat? Are you trying to sail more often but don't know anyone who owns a boat? Do you dream of sailing but don't know where to start or thought it was beyond your means?

At L.A. Sailing you will find other sailors who have sought out and found the answers to some of those very same questions. No matter your level of sailing experience, with an L.A. Sailing membership you will build your knowledge and further your sailing career with frequent opportunities to get on the water.

Club sails - Open to all members

With multiple sunset and day sail opportunities every week, it is easy for our members to get out on the water and build their sailing skills. Additionally, throughout the year we schedule special events, including multiple trips to Catalina Island and Malibu, sailboat regattas and seasonal fireworks sails. All of the weekly skills sails and member-organized club sails are included in your dues.

We have two levels of membership: the Sailor’s Club and the Crew Club. The Sailor’s Club enables our members to join up to two club sails per week, while the Crew Club allows you to join up to two club sails per month. Sailor’s Club members also have the option of getting “signed off” which opens up leading club sails for other members as well as scheduling private sails for their friends and family. Depending on your availability and sailing goals, we have a package that will fit your needs.

More club information can be found in our F.A.Q.’s section.



Thinking about buying your own boat?

Try before you buy! We have had many former member go on to purchase their own vessels after learning how to sail with our club. From day sailors to long distance cruisers, we can provide you with the skills to meet your sailing goals at a fraction of the cost of ownership. The boating lifestyle is a huge commitment of both time and money; starting your sailing career in a club environment allows you to see if the lifestyle is for you, all without spending the big bucks!

“after my first sail I was hooked. I go as often as I can and just after these last few months my ability is night and day. Not only do I learn a lot but it's in a setting that is fun and feels like a family. You should join the club and enjoy what they have to offer. You will NOT be disappointed.”

Jimmy B, Sailor’s Club member