Frequently Asked Membership Questions

What does a membership with L.A. Sailing offer?

We have two levels of our membership, Sailor’s Club and Crew Club

Sailor’s Club
No previous experience necessary, we will train any beginner.  Our club provides the critical link between typical classroom training  and practical hands on sailing. Sailor's Club members enjoy access to three harbors to give you the experience of sailing in different areas. The focus of the Sailor’s Club is to give you practical on the water training to L.A. Sailing’s specific "skills set" training. Other benefits include: private outings, dockside parties and overnight trips to Catalina.

Cost: $200 down * $200 per month * $350 for couples * six month commitment

Crew Club
This level of membership will get you out on the water two times per month on either of our vessels.  You will have the chance to get involved in learning at your own speed and comfort level.  Invite your friends to participate for a reduced rate.  A great way to learn about the boating lifestyle and find out if it is a good fit for you.

Cost: $200 down * $100 per month * six month commitment

How long does it take to get “signed off”?

Getting "signed off" means you have demonstrated sailing proficiency in the skills on our checklist included in your startup packet. The time varies with each member. Typically, it takes 3-4 months at a minimum.

What kinds of events does L.A. Sailing participate in?

We organize several types of member cruises from Malibu full day sails to overnight trips to Catalina Island. Catalina cruises are three day trips which not only ties in all your training, but doubles as a beautiful vacation. Our regular club cruises are scheduled for March, May, June, September, and October. Members can also participate in several regattas annually, including: SCYA's Midwinters Regatta, PRYC's Plastic Classic and King Harbor's Home Port Regatta.

Do I need any previous experience?

No experience is necessary to begin sailing. Our members learn to sail in a hands-on environment with both our crew and other experienced club members.

Can I take one of the boats out on my own?

Once signed off you have the opportunity to schedule outings for private sails or for club member participation. These outings must be scheduled with a 36 hour minimum advance notice. Private Sails do incur a nominal fee ($100 for a three hour sail, $100 to add an overnight).

As a member, am I allowed to bring my friends and family on the water?

Absolutely! We believe sailing is a social event and inviting guests is encouraged. You can bring your family or guests on any outing provided you book early and space is available. Simply give us plenty of advance notice and we will get them on. Guest fees may apply.

See you on the water . . .