At its core, sailing is a liberating and inherently fun activity, connecting sailors with nature and the elements in a way few recreations can provide, however it can quickly become an expensive and time consuming hobby when considering the costs and labors associated with owning your own vessel. At L.A. Sailing we make day sailing a fun, affordable and community-based activity.

New sailors are in need of a guiding hand to quite literally teach them the ropes. With L.A. Sailing you'll be on the water learning in a hands-on environment perfect for beginning or intermediate sailors. Already an experienced sailor? Fantastic! You'll be ahead of the game in getting signed off to host club sails and book time for private sails. And if you need to brush up on the basics, we're here to help.

We offer affordable club sailing without the hassles of ownership.

Now a days financial concerns can quickly take sailing off the table as a viable activity. It is with this very concern in mind that L.A. Sailing has set out to deliver a way for anyone to get out on the water and enjoy all the pleasures sailing has to offer. By combining frequent sailing opportunities, a club-based community and an affordable price tag, L.A. Sailing is designed to introduce any level of sailor to the new frontier of recreational sailing.


Get on the water today!


β€œit's my L.A. sailing secret! I sail with the club twice per month and I absolutely love it. If you love to sail or want to learn to sail, this is your club. Affordable and fun with wonderful captains; you can't go wrong!”

Trina A, Crew Club Member